Sustainability Information

At Bayards Cove Inn we are committed to running a modern and sustainable business within the confines of a 13th century listed building. What we do to minimise our impact on our environment:

1. We recycle all glass, cans, cardboard, food waste, ink cartridges, batteries and coffee grinds.

2. We aim to source all our products locally supporting the local economy and providing sustainable local employment. 100 per cent of our staff live locally and within a 10 mile radius of Bayards Cove Inn.

3. We use eco combi boilers.

4. We are plastic free and our take away glasses and picnic boxes are biodegradable.

5. We encourage email as the primary method of written communication to save paper.

6. We use electronic methods of communication such as e-newsletters and Social Media to keep in touch with our customers.

7. Energy efficient hand dryers negate the use of paper hand towels.

8. We support many local charities, causes and community organisations including the Dart Music Festival, the Dartmouth Royal Regatta, the Dartmouth Food and Drink Festival.

9. We have invested in a number of initiatives to reduce our energy consumption and impact on the environment. All lighting has been replaced to ensure we can use LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs.

10. All commercial equipment has been renewed since 2012 allowing us to upgrade to more energy efficient.

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